Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I am much more excited about things today! I'm optimistic that this job will work out and that I'll have amazing experiences while I'm in Korea.

I will send all of the necessary whatnot off to Korea tomorrow to jump start the visa application process. I don't have a date of departure yet, but anytime at the end of February is still coming up soon! I have a lot to do before then: study for and take the LSAT, organize my room, box up books, get rid of an organ (seriously, if anyone is looking for a Roger electronic organ, let me know!) and acquire anything I might need for a year. I also need to find appropriate gifts for the director and other teachers. Any suggestions for light and packable American/New England-related gifts are appreciated!


Blogger DMH said...

Hi there! Your friend, Betsy, mentioned you were off to Korea, too :) I'm heading over there in early February and am very excited! Drop me a line sometime.

My friend, who was over there a year or so ago, said to bring any and all toiletries you will need - they have an attrocious selection over there. (or you could have someone prepared to send them to you.)

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