Monday, January 08, 2007

It's already January 8th and I still don't have a job! I want to sign a contract this week!

I have a contract that I could sign right now. The school is in a decent city, Jeonju, and the salary is good. I've spoken with two teachers who haven't had any problems. They also get free lunch at the director's wedding hall...

I would have signed that contract except that I got called last night about a position that pays better and requires that I teach fewer classes. I've already heard back from one of the foreign teachers who has vouched for everything. The director said he'd like to hire me but needs to check the schedule since I can only start later than he had expected. I only have a verbal commitment and that's if certain circumstances are in my favor.

The recruiter for the first position is pressuring me into making a decision soon, understandably. I've already tried stalling for a couple days. The second position might not work out but I'm going to hold off on signing the other contract for at least a day.


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