Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I shouldn't be so surprised when things work out, because they generally do. I got the contract on Sunday night with apologies for its late arrival. All of the appropriate changes had been made to the contract and I was more than ready to sign it. I've already booked my flight for February 17th at 6:30am. I'll arrive in Seoul at ~5:20pm on February 18th.

I sent the signed contract, 4 passport photos, sealed university transcripts, a notarized copy of my degree, and copies of my resume and the first page of my passport to the school's head office in Seoul. Someone will take those documents to the immigration office to get my E-2 visa number. I will then take that number to the Korean Consulate to get the E-2 visa stamped in my passport. At that point, I can legally work as an English teacher in South Korea.

Now that this is really happening, I have to get serious about preparing everything I need for living in Korea for a year and two months. (I signed a 14 month contract). Even though I'll be in a city and will be a 90 minute express bus ride to Seoul, there are certain things I'll have difficulty obtaining- like clothes in my size. More on packing later...


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