Thursday, May 17, 2007

Korean Rain

It started to pour while I was at the gym yesterday but luckily I had an umbrella. On the way out, noticing that I was only wearing sandals, my Canadian friend told me quite seriously that Korean rain is not like the rain in Canada or the USA. She said, "It might make your toes fall off. I'd wash my feet when I got home if I were you." This coming from a university professor with a PhD in linguistics.

When I first got here, I was encouraged to carry an umbrella at the slightest chance of rain. I was told that people would look at me funny if I was caught in the rain without one. Oh? My Berkeley educated boss said that people think your hair will fall out from the acid rain. Very funny, right? Nope. "Seriously, it will make your hair fall out. Buy an umbrella."

I washed my feet when I got back to my apartment.


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