Tuesday, May 22, 2007

One of my coworkers, Ryan, recently finished his contract and left to go back home. As a tribute to him, I'm going to post an essay one of our students wrote about him.

--To My Favorite Teacher, Ryan

Every student has their favorite teacher. They focused on him or her in class, trying to get interest on you. Actually, they don't seem to be a good student in their favorite teacher's class because they like him a lot. They can't concentrate on his lecture, just keep looking at him or avoid him because they're too shy. Here's one story about one girl named Chancey and her teacher Ryan.

Chancey is 15 years old girl, and goes to academy X. She met one man called 'Ryan', who is very handsome and has blond hair. Chancey really liked blond hair and handsome man. Ryan teached Chancey, and he became her favorite English teacher. But she tried to avoid him because she's too shy, so she kept screaming or laughing in front of him. She felt angry about him sometimes but forgot it very quickly because Ryan made her smile again. One day, Chancey heard that Ryan is moving. She regretted the behavior that she did to Ryan. For example, she acted like she really hates him. Finally, she decided to give him a present. She's now considering about what to buy for him.--

Bye Ryan!


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