Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Student Writing

On the importance of sports for teenagers: "First, kids have to grow. Sports is one of things that can help kids grow. For instance, basketball is a game that requires jumping and shooting the ball. Because of the need to jump, it cane make kids grow taller."

On identifying a problem and giving advice: "Mrs. Gripin you have many problems. First, you have trembling body. So I don't like that. You should become more patient. Second you have noisy snoring. I sleep near you and I couldn't sleep. You should get exercise before sleeping and should stop smoking! This is my advice and please listen to me. P.S. Haley teacher. Mrs. Gripin is my grandmother. She is 83 years old. Ha ha."

On teachers: "When I went to X academy, I was always bored, but then I met Ryan and Jim. My academy time became exciting. I don't know why I chose them, but maybe because we are man, so our mind is the same and we understand each other."

"If I were a teacher, I would not hit or kick students. Lee is very kind and peaceful, but sometimes when he was angry, so scared. He throws his pen and destroys his computer mouse often. He holds a long stick and hits three students at once (surprisingly it is true!). Although his hit skill is wonderful, I will never do that. I think hitting someone is not good for the student's spirit. There are other kinds of methods to fix student's problem. For example talking is good method to fix problem."


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