Thursday, June 07, 2007

I am sometimes impressed by the clever and creative ideas expressed by my students in their essays. Unfortunately, there are too many times when I am completely dismayed by what they describe.


I was surprised last month because my grandfather died. My grandfather wanted to meet me before he died but I had a very important exam for school and I couldn't visit him.-

-Things That Surprise Me

It was my birthday on April twenty second. I was so busy getting ready for an exam even I didn't know that day was my birthday. I was studying in the reading room with my friends. At eleven o'clock my mom called me and said, "Come home now. You studied enough today." I wanted to study just thirty minutes more but I still went home. When I arrived home I took a shower because I was so tired because I studied almost twelve hours. When I finished showering all the lights were off. There was only a slight light in the kitchen. I was so surprised my mom bought a gift for me- an x-box. Mom sad, "You have to take a rest but don't do it so much." I was so surprised that my mom didn't forget my birthday. That day was the happiest day of this year.- This student is maybe 11 years old. ELEVEN! *sigh*


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