Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Intelligence vs. Beauty: Student Opinions

I think smart is better than beautiful. Today, people have to make money by themselves. Beauty doesn't make me any money! So I think if my head is smart I would be rich because I am smart. But if I am beautiful, who gives me money? No one. (Core 1)

Whether I am handsome or ugly is not important. If I'm handsome, it's just good for 10 years or 20 years. But if I am smart, I can be great man in the world. Great man in the world is when I dead, all people will sad and after 100 years, many people will know me. So I think it's better to be smart than handsome. (Core 1)

Good brain is good too, but the most important thing I think is the face. If people go for a job interview, the interviewer probably sees the face first and thinks, "Will this person have strong perseverance for the work?" (Core 1)

Last but not least, both intelligence and good looks are not important for humans. I think only consideration for the other side and perseverance are the most important of our life... Smart and has a global mind is successful in life. Good looking is not important these days because of plastic surgery! Don't care about your looks! Open your mind and come together my little kitties! (Core 3)


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