Monday, November 19, 2007

A Sampling of Student Writing

I go to a nice university because I go to a nice university I get a nice job and I make money very much. It's throwing one stone and two birds die. (Core 1)

The Tale of the King Who was Concerned About His Appearance: Once upon a time, there was a king. The king cared a lot about his looks, even though he was very ugly. He thought he was very handsome and attractive. One day, he wanted to know what people thought of his appearance. So the king asked, 'How do I look?" to the queen. The queen was honest so she said, "You look hideous." The king was hurt by this and ordered her execution. Then he said to his daughter, "How do I look?" The princess didn't want to die so she lied, "You look very handsome." The king knew she was lying so he executed her, too. Finally he asked his son, "How do I look?" His son replied, " I'm sorry, but I'm blind." (Advanced 3)

Mr. Roode vs Mrs. Naiss:
On Sunday, 2009, Mr. Roode was walking with his nasty dog. Since he was fired last night from kicking his boss out of the window, he was bad-tempered. He tried to tell his boss that he only wanted to imitate Leonidas from "300", but the mad bossy boss wouldn't listen to him and fired him right away. Mr. Roode came into the area where there were a lot of homes, and Mr. Roode was very jealous. Due to his tiny-as-an-atom income, he wasn't able to live in an appropriate house. When he was walking, a dog came in front of him.
"Go away or I'll eat you," Mr Roode said and he kicked the dog. The owner of the dog, Mrs. Naiss, came over.
"Why did you kick my dog? I'm sorry that my dog disturbed you, but he's a life same as you," Mrs. Naiss said to Mr. Roode.
"Go away or I'll eat you too!" He yelled like an audio set with rock music on.
"But, what if he gets hurt? Imagine if you got kicked by an enormous man. Would you be happy?" Mrs. Naiss asked Mr. Roode.
"How dare you yell at me!" Mr Roode shouted and he tried to step on the dog, but the swift dog escaped his enormous feet.
A friend of Mrs. Naiss, Mrs. Kaind, saw the incident and called the police.
"How dare you call the police! I was just walking!" Mr. Roode said. While he was yelling, he saw a window in Mrs. Naiss's house and thought about last night's happening and he got mad. He kicked everyone he could see on the shin and he broke all the windows he could see. That time, the police came and not daring to go against the guns, Mr. Roode surrendered and went to jail. The end. (Advanced 2)

Therefore, I don't agree all the girl need to go to the military, because it's like same question with why all the men do not go through pregnancy. (Core 2)

Q: Are you married?
A: My name is Chris, not Marry.
Q: For how many years did you live in the US?
A: Are you insane? I have two ears.
Q: What is 1+1?
A: 1. If two things get together, it becomes one.
(Advanced 2)

The world of kindness and generosity is absolutely better than the world of hate and revenge. (Advanced 1)


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