Monday, January 07, 2008

New Years in Seoul

With the cancellation of our 9-11 classes, we were able to make the 9:30 bus to Seoul on New Years Eve. Despite concerns about potential traffic, the bus ride was a quick 90 minutes. We were at our friend's apartment with time to celebrate before literally ringing in the new year: the Koreans hold a bell ringing ceremony at midnight. The bell is struck 33 times to represent the 33 fighters who died for the restoration of Korea.

(pic courtesy of Seoul Metroplitan Government website)

We watched the bell for all of 5 rings and then departed for a night of clubbing. We found our way to a club that lived up to its unoriginal name- Club NB (NB= Noise Basement).


(pic courtesy of

It was loud. It was packed. It was a good time.

Happy New Year!


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