Tuesday, April 01, 2008

5am Musings

During my first couple weeks of going to bed at midnight and getting up at 5am, I noticed that I was strangely alert immediately upon waking. I thought about how the American economic downturn could give a necessary push to green industries. I amused myself by remembering Bill Clinton's winning slogan, "It's the economy, stupid" and thinking how this could be useful fodder for another Clinton. I was also mindful that I would share all my brilliant thoughts in this blog, so I even scribbled down some ideas. Lucky you. This is what I produced at approximately 5:15 am a week ago:

Greener times-> America's strength= innovation. Will need that now to pull us back into the world economy as leaders. Can't hunker down for long haul and continue this unhealthy dependence on oil.
Can recession pave way for Dem? Why trust Republican machinery after 8 years, a complete debacle, a humiliation that America has fallen?

I was pleased with myself. Here I was coming up with ideas to Save America! Fix the economy! Win the election for the Democrats! after only 5 hours of sleep. How impressive!

Even I'm rolling my eyes now.

Confusion about what earrings to wear soon replaced my serious monologues on politics. My temporary clear-headedness was just a series of early morning flukes! Alas! After some very groggy early mornings, I came to the conclusion that 5 hours of sleep a night is not sufficient. No kidding. (This realization clearly does not count as one of my brilliant thoughts.)

The absurdity of my sleep situation became clearer when I began trying to get to sleep by fantasizing...about the nap I'd be taking the next afternoon.

Only 1 more 5am morning! Hurray!


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