Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hanbok 한복

Koreans have a beautiful style of traditional clothing called hanbok. Women wear hanbok for celebrations and certain holidays. Nowadays most Korean couples opt for a western style wedding with its western gown and tuxedo, but they will still have an additional set of wedding photos taken while wearing hanbok.

Although there are several parts to hanbok, the two dominant aspects are the longer gown and the short jacket. Given the flowing nature of the gown and the way the jacket just covers the upper chest, hanbok does not particularly emphasize a woman's curves.

Young woman at Jeonju Hanok village

Another woman from the Jeonju Hanok village. These women were greeting guests for a small presentation/concert.


Blogger JaneM said...

Oooh! Beautiful! I love the pink one and the red one with the gold medallions.

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